Sen Lai founded 3dsense Media School back in the late 90s. What started out as a local online community forum in 1999, has since evolved into one of the Top 10 schools in the world for digital art.

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Ever read the book "The Alchemist"? If you did, you probably read the phrase spoken to Santiago by an old King "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". I believe that every dream, action, goal and situation, are variables in the huge equation we call life.

The fact that you have reached our website and probably seen a few more relevant ones are not by chance. You are probably propelled by an insatiable urge to find a great school, so that you can be guided and taught effectively in your dream of becoming the best artist or designer in your chosen field, one day standing amongst the giants of the industry whom you so admired.

If you have browsed our site, you will notice that 3dsense Media school takes great pride in attracting only the best industry professionals to be our trusted lecturers and mentors. They are not neccesarily PHDs or Masters degree holders, but their skills definitely rivals some of the best artists in the world.

In fact, they are some of industry's finest - clinching local and international awards and more importantly having a selfless dedication to teach. To learn from these veterans is not just about gaining their skillsets and crafts. It is mostly about their mentality, their life philosophies as well as their tenacity. They have journeyed through the path you seek, starting from ground zero, and eventually achieved major milestones in their careers. Their stories are also marked with uncertainties, confusion, self-doubt and even thoughts of giving up. But they persevered and that's why they are here today teaching you; the next generation of artists and designers.

They are here to tell us that passion, hardwork and commitment is more valuable than the carelessly-used word we call "talent". We do believe in talent, just not enough to trust that it alone can deliver a project on time, or be able to work well in a team or even simply turning up for class. Because these are just some of the key ingredients that make up a great artist and such mindsets are what define the culture at 3dsense media school.

We believe that a great school is an environment, infused with the right culture and philosophies coupled with great mentors. Our environment embodies the hopes, dreams and will of all our students. They are the soul of this environment and this school is them. These explains why so many of our students are already actively showcasing their digital works on major online art and design portals during their studies here. Some even conduct classes online to teach other budding artists the skills and tools of the trade. Lecturers encourage our students to form Slack, Discord, Facebook groups and Google Hangouts just so they can have a physical and a virtual world to constantly challenge and motivate one another.

Life in 3dsense is pressurizing. If you visit us, and you may see students looking deprived of sleep or frantically working on their final renders, design or illustration, laying out to make sure it is polished to present; well, you probably came on the 'review' days. On review days, our students regardless of course and specialization convene in the hall and learn from or critique their schoolmates' work. Yes, everyone's time will come, so they often speak with candor when it comes to criticizing their schoolmates work! And yes, I make sure to be at almost every review session, to be in touch with the students' growth and progress as an artist.

The world is often unkind to the uninitiated. That is why we handhold our students tightly during their studies, making sure we preside over these review sessions throughout the year. Even when they are about to graduate, we preach and re-preach many of the important life philosophies that make one successful! We believe that every dream is precious and everyone has the ability to attain their goals. We take each of these dreams seriously. Sometimes more seriously than students themselves, hence pushing them to their unknown limits.
Only the people who had been with 3dsense will ever understand what it takes to accomplish their dreams and goals. This is probably why, since our founding in 2003, our graduates have been part of teams making Oscar-winning movies, global Triple-A games and award winning designs.
Why do we push the students so hard and demand so much of ourselves?

Because as part of their outside universe, we are conspiring to help make their dreams come true.