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WSQ Diploma in Digital Design
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This is an intensive 12-month program, jointly-developed by 3dsense Media School and the acclaimed Imaginary Friends Studios. It is specially designed to train students who aspire to be digital artists and concept designers for the video game, entertainment and media industry. Students will undergo practical training, taught by experienced lecturers at 3dsense as well as the founders of Imaginary Friends Studios (IFS). At the end of the course, students will develop a portfolio that will prepare them for employment.

The unique curriculum is designed by 3dsense Media School and IFS, who have mentored and trained many aspiring digital artists since inception. The result is an effective, proven approach that focuses on critical art foundation, digital illustration and concept design. Guided by leaders in the industry, students will be trained in industry-based workflow and techniques and gain the skills to develop their niche as a digital artist. The objective is to nurture creative talents who can create artworks and designs with strong aesthetic as well as functional value, able to meet the increasing requirements of the global market.

Supported by the Singapore WDA: Singaporeans and PRs above the age of 16 may receive a $16,100 course fee subsidy. Male applicants must have completed National Service.

About Imaginary Friends Studios
Founded in 2005 by Stanley 'Artgerm" Lau, Kendrick Lim and Kai Lim, Imaginary Friends Studios is an internationally-renowned concept art, comics and digital illustration studio based in Singapore. With its "By-artists-for-artists" mantra and unique "East meet West" approach in art creation, the studio is well-celebrated by fans & clients worldwide. Since inception, IFS has serviced premium clients such as DC Comics, Riot Games, Marvel Comics, Capcom, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony Online Entertainment, Valve, Image Comics, Top Cow, Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles. Some of their credits include The Dark Knight, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Star Wars Galaxies, Street Fighter 3 Online, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Front Mission Evolved, Planetside 2 and more.


Key Information

Course Title: WSQ Diploma in Digital Design
Duration: 12 months full-time (Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm)
Intakes: 3 intakes per year, in March, July and November (Max. 20 students per intake)

You will graduate with

  • WSQ Diploma in Digital Design (awarded by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency)
  • Professional individual portfolio
  • Completed final design project
  • Bachelor (Hons) degree pathway at University of Hertfordshire
  • Access to industry through 3dsense job placement services

Visit How to Apply and Course Fees for more details.

Curriculum Overview

The program consists of 3 terms.

Foundation Term

This term focuses heavily on imparting art and software fundamentals, from drawing, perspective, digital painting to character/concept design. Students will be thoroughly trained in only the most relevant software to-date and learn key concepts through hands-on projects and assignments. This phase emphasises the development of strong fundamentals in both artistic ability and software proficiency, student will understand areas on Anatomy including variation on Age, Ethinicity Facial Features and Expressions, to understanding Color and Tonal values. Software applications learning will also be accompanied with project driven assignments, such as Character Rendering for Pin-Ups, Character Interaction etc. This is because we believe that strong fundamentals will provide the springboard for learning new knowledge even as technology continues to evolve in the future.

Professional Training Term

Students will commence professional training in earnest. At this stage, courses are taught with a major emphasis on workflow, process and industry techniques. Projects and assignments such as Design are taught and learnt, paying close attention to industry techniques, from understanding digital design and its application to emotions and  its evolution, and asking other vital questions on the development of design. Industry workflow will also be taught in other areas of media applications, such as Video Editing Applications as well as subjects on Personal Branding and Web Presence. At this stage, vital professional skillsets on design and illustration are also covered, ensuring students understand and apply important techniques to their work. Heavy emphasis will be placed on techniques, workflow and precision of execution for all design and illustration projects.

Final Design Term

Students will continue their professional training with high-end production techniques being taught. At this stage, expectations will be high as students are expected to reach a high level of production capability.  The final design project puts together what is taught in the year with emphasis on group design project delivery and independent portfolio preparation. On top of this, students will also be expected to progress into their final stages of project-driven assignments.


Training & Assessment Methodology

This industry immersion course, allows students to learn progressively in their skills as a Design and Illustration Artist. As such, the school adopt a Summative Assessment Method for all course subjects taught during the course.

  • The assessments come in the form of Projects/Assignments that student will have to complete and submit for grading.
  • It is mandatory that all projects/assignments are completed and submitted on time.
  • All projects/assignments will be graded and student may fail the module if they do not submit the projects/assignments.
  • All the requirements of the projects/assignments will be metted out by industry lecturer for this course.

The lecturer or facilitator will perform 2 types of instructional strategies:

a. Direct Instruction eg. methods such as lectures and live in class demonstrations.
b. Indirect Instruction eg. one to one or one to many critiques to monitor progress.


Graduation Requirements

All students are to pass all their core modules during the course of the 12 months fulltime diploma programme. At the end of the programme, students will undergo a final assessment by an ACTA Certified Assessor. The assessment will require candidates to show and present projects, assignments as well as oral questioning and practical demonstration where neccesary,as legitimate evidence sources to prove their competency in the relevant specialisation/modules.


Relevant to industry

As our lecturers comprises of leading industry professionals who are involved in some of the biggest projects on a daily basis, students will benefit from learning the very latest industry tools and techniques.

Small class sizes

Each intake is capped at 20 students. These small class sizes are a trademark of the school, ensuring that each student gets dedicated guidance from the lecturers.

Intensive training

Also known as an "industry immersion" programme, the program is packed with practical assignments and projects to prepare students for the real-world studio environment.

Job Prospects

Below are some of the positions our graduates had gone on to attain in the industry. While the list is not exhaustive, they are some of the more popular positions studios are looking out for.

  • Digital Illustrator
  • Concept Designer
  • Game Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Experiential/Interface Designer
  • Digital/Graphic Designer
  • Visual Designer


Here are the key lecturers for this program. View their profiles.






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Cert No.:EDU-3-3069
Validity:07-03-2014 - 06-03-2015